Taiyari Uddan Ki (TUK)

Taiyari Uddan Ki (TUK)

Unlocking Potential, Shaping Futures


  • In today’s competitive world, many professionals face challenges in building careers after completing their education. The job search becomes a prolonged struggle, leading to financial strain and stress.
  • Dreams formed during adolescence often go unfulfilled due to immediate job pursuits without a clear understanding of long-term goals. Peer pressure and parental expectations further contribute to the challenges.
  • Even after obtaining a job, the search for the ideal career persists, causing dissatisfaction despite financial improvement.


  • The need is to guide individuals to build fulfilling careers that align with their aspirations and potentials.
  • Professional guidance is crucial to understanding one’s value, potential, and long-term career trajectory.
  • Building a career requires persistence, perseverance, and patience.
  • TPP World aims to impact youth, helping them build dream careers, achieve job satisfaction, and become financially independent.

Programme Objectives:

  • Connect the hand with the heart, head, and habit.
    ○ Love what you do (heart)
    ○ Improve what you do (head)
    ○ Integrate it into your life/culture (habit)
  • Enable young professionals to reach new heights with guidance and support.
  • Develop leadership skills, fostering effective teamwork and front-line leadership.
  • Enhance technical skills, focus, wisdom, and accountability.
  • Move towards financial independence.

Programme Outline:

  • SMART People, Good Work Concept: Self-Confident, Motivated, Assertive, Reasoning (creativity and innovation), Team Player.
  • PQCDSEM for Good Work: Productivity, Quality, Cost, Delivery, Safety, Environment, Morale.

Programme Modules:

  • Communication and English Language
  • Leadership Skills – Front-line Team Leadership
  • Technical Skills Improvement (Mechanical and Electrical)
  • Job Preparation – Application, Interview, Success

Taiyari Uddan Ki (TUK) empowers individuals to build fulfilling and successful careers based on their potential, competence, and dreams.