Leadership Development Program – Commitment, Improvement, and Leadership

Leadership Development Program – Commitment, Improvement, and Leadership

Importance of Leaders and Leadership:

Leaders, from business leaders to frontline team leaders, play a pivotal role in the sustainability and growth of a business. Their impact goes beyond management; they lead by example, influencing organizational culture and acting as a crucial differentiator for extraordinary organizations.

Leadership’s Impact on Culture and Decision-Making:

Leadership is the determining factor in shaping organizational culture and the approach to various situations. In scenarios where all other factors are equal, leadership style becomes a key differentiator. The commitment, improvement, and leadership role of the organization are vital for success.

Parivartan Leadership Development Program

Journey of Change:
Parivartan is not just a program; it’s a transformative journey. It guides individuals through a progression from being an individual contributor to becoming a team member, a team player, and ultimately a team leader.

Built on a foundation of 36 years of work experience involving 50,000 professionals from 200 organizations, Parivartan is a program grounded in research. Its effectiveness is a testament to its experiential learning approach, providing practical, hands-on experiences.

Experiential Learning:
Each module and content within Parivartan are carefully designed for experiential learning. Participants engage in activities that go beyond theoretical concepts, fostering a deeper understanding of leadership traits and skills.

Parivartan has made a significant impact, with 10,000 participants successfully developing leadership traits. The outcomes include improved productivity, enhanced performance, increased sales turnover, and greater profitability for the organizations involved.

Hand with Heart, Head, and Habit

Based on SK 4H’s People Programming Model, our program focuses on connecting the hand with the heart, head, and habit. Three distinct modules shape this transformative journey:

  • Three Modules
    – Win-Win: Based on 3Cs (Connect, Communicate, Commitment).
    – Manthan: Based on 3Is (Involve, Improve, Impact).
    – Mala: Based on 3Ls (Lead, Led, Learnt).

Experiential Learning and Bilingual Delivery

Adult Learning Process:
Modules are meticulously designed, following the adult learning process, with 80% of the content grounded in experiential learning through games and activities.

Bilingual Delivery:
Programs are delivered bilingually in Hindi and English, ensuring inclusivity and meeting the diverse linguistic needs of participants.

Program Duration and Stages of Development

Six-Month Journey:
The transformative journey spans six months, incorporating 7-9 days of classroom intervention and 8-10 days of profiling, assessment, review, and implementation (total 16-20 days).

Five Stages of Development
i) Profiling
ii) Analysis
iii) Development
iv) Review
v) Implementation

Success Measurement and Monitoring

Review and Assessment:
Program success hinges on regular reviews and assessments after each module, ensuring continuous improvement and adaptability.

Workplace Implementation:
The implementation is actively monitored at the workplace, with work progress systematically mapped through data and reports.

Personal Development Report (PDR):
A Personal Development Report (PDR) is meticulously prepared for every team member, serving as a testament to individual growth.

People Programming – Development of “the Soul”

Highest Level of People – “the Soul”:
The program follows the principle of developing the highest level of people, symbolized as “the soul.”

4 Hs Model:
The SK 4H’s model serves as a perfect example of holistic development, fostering growth in commitment, improvement, leadership, and the overall well-being of individuals.

Benefits and Outcomes

  • Holistic Development: The program ensures holistic development, encompassing commitment, improvement, and leadership.
  • Practical Application: Experiential learning guarantees the practical application of leadership principles.
  • Measurable Impact: Success is measured through improved individual and organizational performance, reflected in sales turnover and profitability.
  • Continuous Improvement: Regular reviews and assessments support continuous improvement, ensuring sustained success.