Organization Alignment for Higher Value Addition


Organization Alignment for Higher Value Addition

Organization alignment is not just a strategic choice; it’s a fundamental necessity for unlocking higher value addition from employees.

The Components of Alignment
Alignment in the SK Total People Productivity Model extends across four crucial dimensions: Factors, Functions, Processes, and People.


  • Vision, Mission, Values, and Goals: Clearly defined and communicated to provide a shared direction.
  • Products, Customers, Markets: Aligning operations with the products offered and the needs of customers.
  • 4M – Man, Machine, Method, Material, Technology: Ensuring harmony in the utilization of resources.
  • Business Plan and Annual Operating Plan: Aligning day-to-day operations with the broader business strategy.
  • Organization Structure: Establishing a structure that supports alignment rather than hindering it.
  • Culture and Ethics: Building a culture that aligns with organizational values and ethical standards.


  • All 14 Functions: Ensuring synergy among all organizational functions.
  • Departmental Objectives: Aligning individual departments with the overall organizational goals.
  • Input-Process-Output: Ensuring a smooth flow and coordination of activities.
  • Cross-Functional Teams: Encouraging collaboration and alignment across different functions.


  • Process and Sub-Processes: Mapping out the entire process landscape.
  • Criticality and Difficulty Level: Identifying key processes and understanding their complexity.
  • 4M Analysis – Man, Machine, Method, Material: Ensuring that resources are aligned with the processes.
  • Removing Non-Value-Added Activity: Enhancing efficiency by eliminating wasteful activities.
  • Process-Based Role Matrix: Defining roles based on the processes to enhance alignment.


  • All Five Levels of the Organization: Aligning individuals at every level with organizational goals.
  • Business Leaders, Functional Leaders, Section Leaders: Ensuring leadership aligns with the broader vision.
  • Frontline Team Leaders and Members: Aligning those on the front lines with the organizational direction.