What We Offer

Turning ordinary into Extraordinary

Total People Productivity Pvt. Ltd. (TPP World) offers a range of consulting and training services. We propel business growth and individual success through the TPP Model and approach. We cater to organizations, professionals, and individuals seeking transformative solutions.

What We Offer

Bussiness Consulting

  • Evaluate and strategize organizational growth through a thorough TPP assessment.
  • Foster a people-centric culture for enhanced productivity and business growth.
  • Train leaders to champion the TPP approach and drive extraordinary results.

People Development Programs

  • Engage employees in workshops focusing on higher value addition and productivity.
  • Leadership Training: Equip leaders with the skills to lead and inspire teams through the TPP philosophy.
  • Empower individuals to unlock their potential and contribute to overall growth.

Mentoring & Coaching

  • Provide personalized coaching for executives aiming for higher value addition.
  • Guide individuals in developing a roadmap for personal and professional success.
  • Tailored coaching to enhance individual performance and contribution.

Online Learning Platform

  • Access a wealth of resources, courses, and tools to facilitate continuous learning.
  • Engage in interactive e-learning modules designed to enhance specific skills and knowledge.

Research & Development

  • Stay updated with the latest research findings and industry insights related to people productivity.
  • Collaborate with TPP experts on research projects tailored to organizational needs.

Community Building

  • Join a community of like-minded individuals, professionals, and organizations committed to the TPP philosophy.
  • Participate in events that facilitate networking, learning, and collaboration.

Implementation Support

  • Receive guidance and support during the implementation of TPP strategies within your organization.
  • Regularly assess and monitor the progress of TPP initiatives to ensure continuous improvement.

Who Do We Offer For:

Across All Levels:
From the seasoned leaders in senior management to the dedicated front-line workers and associates, everyone plays a vital role in adding higher value. The synergy of contributions from every level forms the backbone of our organizational ethos.

Diverse Contributions:

In our workplace, people don’t fit into predefined boxes. They are versatile contributors, bringing unique skills, experiences, and perspectives. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or just starting your career, your role extends beyond routine tasks to actively shaping the culture of innovation and growth.

Various Age Groups:

Individuals aged 18 and above hold direct accountability for higher value-added contributions, crucial for business growth and economic development.