Four Approaches for Economic Prosperity and Growth

Four Approaches for Economic Prosperity and Growth:

1. Technical skills
2. Focused approach
3. Wisdom
4. Accountability

Based on three decades of research work with the people, TPP has developed five modules:

1. Pehchan – Know self, try to understand self and bring changes in this
2. Lakshya – Set the targets and goals and work on achieving them
3. Manthan – Go to the root of any challenges and solve them
4. Jeet – Connect with others and develop a win-win situation
5. Mala- Leading from the front and setting an example for others to follow

ADDIE Model for Technical Development:

  • Analyze- Organizational Needs, Targeted Group Analysis, Skill Gap
  • Design- Course Curriculum, Skill Mapping Process
  • Develop- Technical Skills Development Centers, Classroom Centres, Instructors and Technicians
  • Implement- Training Program Implementations As Per Need
  • Evaluation- Evaluating Training Effectiveness, Formal and Informal Evaluation

The individual development takes place by following the five steps:

  • Profiling
  • Analysis
  • Development
  • Review and Implementation
  • Habit Formation