Team Programming


Team Programming - Leading from the Front

Team Programming is designed to guide individuals through a transformative journey from “i” (self-focused) to “I” (collective and inclusive). This journey emphasizes commitment, improvement, and leadership.

A Journey from “i” to “I”:

This shift signifies a move from individualism (“i”) to a collaborative and inclusive approach (“I”), where active participation in team dynamics and leadership becomes the norm.

3Cs: Connect – Communicate – Commitment:

Connect: Building the foundation of effective teamwork, this involves understanding team members, fostering mutual respect, and establishing a sense of belonging.

Communicate: Encouraging clear and open dialogue, communication should be two-way, ensuring active listening and collaboration.

Commitment: Emphasizing the importance of generating commitment within the team.

3Is: Involve – Improving – Impact:

Involve: Focuses on actively involving all team members in decision-making and problem-solving processes.

Improving: Embracing the principle of continuous improvement, teams strive for excellence through ongoing growth.

Impact: Aiming for a positive impact, teams collaborate to achieve meaningful results beneficial to the organization and its members.

3Ls: Lead – Led – Learnt:

Lead: Encourages team members to take on leadership roles collectively, promoting a culture of shared leadership.

Led: Stresses the importance of being led by others, fostering mutual trust and support within the team.

Learnt: Acknowledges the continuous learning process within a team, where members learn from successes and setbacks.

Lead From The Front

Move from Group to Team:

  • Distinguishing between a mere group and a collaborative team
  • Think Big and Plan Big
  • Avoid Conflict, Embrace Collaboration
  • Respect Team Decisions
  • Cultivate a Winning Attitude

Legacy and Impact:

  • Significance of Legacy: Understanding the long-term impact of positive contributions to personal and professional life.
  • Shift from Individual to Team Member
  • Setting positive examples for others while in leadership positions
  • Move with a Team

The “LEAD FROM FRONT” concept urges individuals to embrace leadership roles, support fellow team members, and maintain a winning attitude. This approach ensures a transition from a group mentality to a true team mindset, fostering collective goals and a lasting positive impact on others.