About TPP World


About TPP World

At Total People Productivity Pvt. Ltd. (TPP World), we transcend conventional consulting and training, offering comprehensive solutions for business growth and leadership development. Based in Delhi, our journey unfolds with a rich history and a commitment to excellence.

Evolution of TPP World :

Inception (2006-2015):

We began our journey as the Center for Learning and Self-Strive (CLASS) in 2006, dedicating nine years to people development and HR consultancy projects.

Transformation (2016):

In 2016, TPP World emerged with a renewed focus on business consultancy and leadership development, catering to a diverse clientele from SMEs to large organizations.

Copyrights for SK Total People Productivity Model (2019):

Our business consultancy approach is innovative. To keep them unique, we secured copyrights for the SK Total People Productivity Model in 2019.

Elevated Scope (2020):

We took challenging projects, emphasizing Team, Target, & Trust. This included collaboration with a Public Limited Company with an annual sales turnover exceeding Rs. 15,000 million.


– 200+ Clients: Over a span of 16 years, TPP World has partnered with more than 200 clients.
– 50,000+ Professionals: We’ve contributed to the development of over 50,000 professionals, creating numerous success stories in business growth and individual success.