Individual Success


Individual Success: Nurturing Growth and Excellence

Continual Improvement in Life:
In the journey of individual success, change is the constant factor. Success is defined through continual improvement, making strides towards set targets and goals.

SMART People, Good Work Approach:

“SMART People, Good Work” is the slogan driving growth.

  • SMART is defined as:
    i. S – Self Confident
    ii. M – Motivated
    iii. A – Assertive in Approach
    iv. R – Reasoning
    v. T – Team Player
  • Good work is characterized by:
    i. Winning customer trust through high quality, low cost, on-time delivery, total safety, and good housekeeping.
    ii. Customer satisfaction is paramount, and excellent work is rewarded with progress.
  • Technical skills, a focused approach, wisdom, and accountability are integral components.

A Journey of Changes – Internal and External:

  • Embracing the 4H – People Programming – Connecting the Hand with Heart, Head, and Habit.
  •  Self-Programming – Pahchan, Lakshya, Manthan, Jeet, Mala.
  • Team-Programming – Commitment, Improvement, and Leadership.

People Higher Value Add:

  • Individuals with higher value add contribute to economic growth, driving GDP and per capita income.
  • Value added @ 4x, an extraordinary approach for exponential growth, transitioning from retention to improvement and breakthrough.
  • Higher value is added by channelling resources – Management, Man, Machine, Method, Material, Money, and Environment.
  • All adults aged 18 to 60 dedicate at least 8 hours daily for higher value add, optimizing productivity and performance.

Individual Success:

  • Individual success is the key to self and family prosperity.
  • The pursuit involves making today’s life better than yesterday and envisioning a tomorrow better than today.
  • A satisfied person adds higher value, emphasizing the need to nurture individual success.
  • The mantra is to transform from ordinary to extraordinary, ensuring personal and familial growth.