Leadership Development Program – Parivartan

Leadership Development Program – Parivartan

Parivartan is the transformative Leadership Development Program by TPP World. In business, leadership is not just a role; it’s a commitment, an ongoing process of improvement, and a vital element for sustainable growth.

Developing Business Acumen:

Business Acumen: Essential for Growth
In the pursuit of business growth, solid business acumen is paramount. At TPP World, we focus on nurturing business leaders equipped with profound insight and acumen.

Parivartan: A Catalyst for Organizational Sustainability:

Leaders and Leadership
Leadership is the linchpin differentiating between an ordinary and an extraordinary organization. Parivartan is designed to cultivate leaders at every level – Business Leaders, Functional Leaders, and Frontline Team Leaders – indispensable for sustainable growth.

The Impact of Leadership:

Leadership determines organizational culture and response to diverse situations. The commitment, improvement, and leadership roles are pivotal for organizational success. Parivartan, TPP World’s leadership development program, addresses these facets through a unique and research-based approach.

Program Overview:

1st Module: “Win-Win”
Program Objective: Developing Practical Interpersonal Skills

  • Understanding the mantra of success through practical interpersonal skills.
  • Fostering a winning attitude among team members for a “win-win” approach.
  • Building skills to connect with team members through assertive communication.
  • Handling conflicts, reducing stress, and building trust.

2nd Module: “Manthan”
Program Objective: Involvement, Improvement, and Impact

  • Being a part of the solution and embracing challenges.
  • Developing analytical skills for decision-making and problem-solving.
  • Utilizing tools and techniques to identify root causes swiftly.
  • Enhancing creativity and innovation through the SCAMPER method.

3rd Module: “Mala”
Program Objective: Lead, Led, Learnt

  • Meeting present and future challenges through teamwork.
  • Developing a focused approach to winning customer trust.
  • Fostering synergy for achieving organizational targets.
  • Leading from the front and creating a legacy.

Front Line Team Leaders Development – “Nai Disha, Nai Umang”

Program Background: Frontline supervisors play a pivotal role in organizational growth. The program focuses on PQCDSEM – essential for winning customer trust. Cost competitiveness and the human factor are critical, emphasizing the development of people for organizational growth.

Programme Outline

  • Duration: 120 days (4 months)
  • Modules: “Jeet Hi Jeet” and “Manthan”
  • Classroom Training: Four days
  • Homework: 30 days post each module
  • Post-Training Review: After 45 days of each module
  • Improvement/Project Work: At the workplace

Programme Objectives
Train, mentor, coach, and develop participants to:

  • Improve operational efficiency
  • Take ownership and pride in the workplace
  • Support the next operation/production section as a team
  • Focus on waste control and cost-saving
  • Improve machine and workforce productivity
  • Provide ideas and suggestions for improvement

Join Parivartan and embark on a transformative journey from an individual to a team member, team player, and team leader. Let commitment, improvement, and leadership define your path to success!