SK Total People Productivity Model ©2019


SK Total People Productivity Model ©2019

Welcome to the SK Total People Productivity Model, an innovative framework meticulously crafted by Sanjay Kumar, the esteemed Founder and CEO of TPP World. With a wealth of 36 years of work experience, Sanjay Kumar envisions a model that places paramount importance on building a Responsible Organization and fostering an accountable team.

Foundation for Business Growth:

In this groundbreaking model, the organization takes the lead in setting targets and goals for business growth, while individuals within the team are held accountable for translating these objectives into tangible results. The model is designed to cultivate SMART individuals, equipping them for impactful contributions and individual success.

Organization Responsibilities:

The organization bears the responsibility for business sustainability and growth, requiring a comprehensive approach:

  • Drawing up short-term and long-term plans
  •  Cultivating an innovative and participative culture
  • Focusing on customer trust and satisfaction
  • Balancing human and technological elements
  • Implementing automation strategically
  • Upholding business ethics and values
  • Developing people and optimizing resources
  • Enhancing overall efficiency and effectiveness

Team Accountability:

The team, in turn, is accountable for embodying the model’s ethos:

  • Adopting a mindset of “See it, do it, solve it, and own it”
  • Implementing top management strategies and plans
  • Winning customer trust through continual improvement
  • Focusing on strategic, tactical, and operational issues
  • Transitioning from receivers to proactive transformers and entrepreneurs
  • Contributing to the continual improvement process
  • Optimizing resource utilization
  • Nurturing an innovative culture

Building a Responsible Organization and Accountable Team

To achieve the vision of a responsible organization and an accountable team, the model emphasizes two critical pillars: Organization Alignment and Development of the Accountable Team. This alignment is achieved through a focus on Factors, Functions, Processes, and People.

Everyday contributors, from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., form the backbone of this model. The “hard” elements of defined positions, roles, and responsibilities seamlessly merge with the “soft” elements of leadership and individual development.